TETYC Special Issue: Preparing Two-Year College Faculty

CFP: Special Issue of Teaching English in the Two-Year College
“Preparing Two-Year College English Faculty”
September 2017

In July, 2017, an updated organizational statement from the Two-Year College English Association, “Guidelines for the Graduate Preparation of Two-Year College English Faculty,’ will appear in College English (and will also, subsequently, appear in TETYC in September). Aimed at graduate programs, the document updates the 2004 “Guidelines for the Academic Preparation of English Faculty at Two-Year Colleges” and spells out standards for best preparing two-year college English professionals.  To build on this work, the September 2017 issue of Teaching English in the Two-Year College will focus on the special issue theme of “Preparing Two-Year College English Faculty.” The journal invites submission of full manuscripts related to this theme.

A rich scholarly body of work across the discipline has identified how best to prepare instructors for success in the two-year college English classroom (see Andelora; Toth; Toth, Griffiths, and Thirolf; Lovas; Sullivan; Hassel and Giordano; Hassel; TYCA). Building on this foundation, I invite submissions that speak to the ongoing work of preparing faculty for the unique teaching environments of two-year college English (including writing of all types, literary studies, and other areas of teaching and professional activity). Submissions might address the following topics:

  • Department, institutional, or state-sponsored faculty development
  • Effective or ineffective graduate school/training models
  • Post-graduate preparation for teaching
  • The role of assessment
  • Ongoing faculty development
  • Strategies for effective departmental collaborations, including writing across the curriculum and writing in the disciplines
  • Model programs
  • Challenges of professional development in two-year colleges (see Klausman)
  • Internal and external forms of professional development for instructors
  • Tensions or objections to ‘faculty development” (see Penrose)
  • Fiscal, intellectual, disciplinary, or state/local contexts and constraints shaping faculty development
  • Using classroom or program-level data to shape professional development activities
  • Inter-institutional collaborations
  • The risks, rewards, and challenges of collective work (vs. individual scholarship)
  • Strategies for creating integrated teaching, service, and research responsibilities in the two-year college
  • The role of administration in faculty development

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list; submission cover letters should specify how the manuscript advances this special issue theme.

Complete essay submissions should be received by the editor for consideration in the special issue by December 1, 2016. Authors should follow the submission guidelines for Feature Articles, Instructional Notes, Symposia, Review Essays, or What Works for Me manuscripts available at the TETYC webpage, including submission via the Editorial Manager system.

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