The transition between outgoing editor Jeff Sommers and my own editorial term is well underway! All new submissions will now come to me as the editor of the journal with my first issue being September 2016.

The Editorial Manager system has been launched and TETYC authors can now submit their manuscripts to this electronic submission system. Some announcements about journal changes and needs:

New submission guidelines: I have updated the submission guidelines, which include continuation of some of the most enduring and useful features of the journal as well as two new types of pieces. Research articles are the staple of the journal and always welcome, along with “Instructional Notes” and “What Works for Me” pieces. However, I invite two new types of submissions:

Symposiums: These will be essays focused on topics of importance to two-year college English teachers. I invite proposals on issues that are of pressing disciplinary interest and that will offer diverse perspectives through co-authorship. For example, co-authors might identify existing or new policy briefs, position statements, or research reports that tackle professional issues and present related arguments about those texts. Topics of national interest might be dual credit/concurrent enrollment, language policy, open-admissions practices, developmental education, humanities/literature instruction in the two-year college, first-year writing placement methods, etc. Authors can submit using Editorial Manager and selecting the option “Symposium” under submission type.

Review Essays: I invite proposals for review essays, which will offer critical assessment of multiple books on a shared topic. Authors interested in this type of essay should submit a proposal to the Editorial Manager system, identifying the texts to be reviewed and a brief overview of review’s approach.

Additional reviewers: I am looking to expand the base of reviewers for the journal. If you are interested in participating in the work of the journal as a peer reviewer for TETYC, I invite you to submit a CV and a short introductory letter outlining your areas of interest and expertise. Those materials can be sent to me at I am very committed to a broad and diverse pool of reviewers who can reflect the similarly diverse readership of the journal.

Book review editor: The current book review editor, Annie del Principe, is stepping down and I am looking for a new review editor. I will be circulating more information about that position as I collect it and identify the most important needs for the role.



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